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Campsites in Kent with Campfires

When you think of camping trips, there’s a good chance that one of the first images that comes to your mind is one of a roaring campfire. They’re just such an essential part of any camping holiday. They provide the crackling flames to warm you up on the evenings, a place for the family to gather and share stories, as well as that much-needed marshmallow toasting.

Campfires are just not something that is up for any debate as far as we’re concerned at Fallow Fields. You have just got to have a fire when you camp out. That’s why every tent pitch across both our Selson Farm and Lathe Barn campsites are permitted to have a fire. Whether you’re wanting to simply watch those campfire flames flicker or build a BBQ for a mighty family feast, we understand just how important they are to your experience with us.

Our campsites in Kent with campfires do have just a couple of rules we require all campers to adhere to. These are to ensure the safety of all visitors and the preservation of our beautiful open campsites. We ask that when using a campfire or BBQ at Fallow Fields, these must be raised off the ground on a fire pit. This is to protect the ground. After all, no one wants to set up camp on scorched grass.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a fire pit to hand. We know not everyone does, which is why we have them available for hire. We charge just £6 per night for a fire pit, so you can keep the fire burning every night of your stay or just hire one when you need it. If you’re staying in one of our luxury furnished bell tents, then a fire pit will already be included amongst your equipment and furnishings.

One other requirement for our camper when burning a campfire is that they must only burn the wood we provide. Campers are not permitted to collect wood from the farm or surrounding woodland to burn. We don’t do this to try and squeeze more pennies out of you. It is due to the strict conditions of our planning permission and licence which we must adhere to here at Fallow Fields. By only burning the wood we provide, we can ensure it is of a high quality and that only seasoned logs are burned.

We want you to spend your money on fun days out and tasty treats, which is why we don’t charge a premium for our wood logs. You can purchase them online or from our onsite camp shop for just £6.50 a bag. Alternatively, if you know you’ll be needing a lot of fuel for the fire, you can buy a wheelbarrow load for only £17.50. This also means you can save space and weight when packing up the car, as everything you need for your campfire is all waiting for you when you arrive.

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