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Camping near Margate

One of the things we really pride ourselves on here at Fallow Fields is our picturesque settings, which can really act as an escape from all the hustle and bustle. Sometimes it can be so effective that it feels like the world around us has vanished as we become engulfed in the serenity that surrounds us.

However, we’re happy that’s very much not the case because if it were, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the many delights of Margate, found a mere 25 to 30-minute drive away from our beloved Selson Farm campsite. It’s quite different – very distinct from Fallow Fields – but one look at the golden sandy beaches shows us the wonderful kaleidoscope of natural beauty around us.

It’s indeed a colourful and varied lot, but one which always bears the same hallmark of awe-inspiring sights and wonderful memories made. That natural beauty provides a stunning reminder that you’re camping near Margate at Fallow Fields, with only a short distance between these two uniquely magical forms of mother nature’s majesty.

And there’s more, Margate isn’t just idyllic sands – although we’d certainly still recommend it if it was. It’s a charming seaside town, with a distinctive retro British holiday feel. It’s complete with independent shops, arcades, Georgian architecture and a vintage amusement park. Even the name Margate for many will conjure up the smells of candy floss and fish and chips carried on a sea breeze, along with the jingle jangle of childhood holidays.

But the nostalgia here isn’t just for historical note, just as the sands can be felt beneath your feet just as warmly as it could in generations past. You’ve got cultural highlights like the Tom Thumb Centre, mysterious cave adventures with the Cave Grotto and a treasure trove of twee otherworldly goodness at the Hornby Visitor Centre. That’s not to mention the historic sites, museums, theatres, plus so many amazing places to eat, drink and be merry.

Don’t get us wrong, part of the charm of Margate is certainly that it’s reminiscent of days gone by. But there’s still plenty of amazing experiences to be had right now in a part of the country that has managed to provide amazing experiences without ever losing the identity which makes people fall in love with it decade after decade. Margate is as real and as present in the moment as the heat above your campfire, which won’t be far away when you’re camping near Margate. We;re a mere 25-minute or so drive down from the beautiful Kent countryside.

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