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Camping near High Weald AONB

While it’s a rather lovely problem to have, one issue we encounter at Fallow Fields is that there are so many fantastic places nearby to visit, it can be hard to know which to recommend first. That said, we think an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as High Weald has to be put towards the top of any visitor’s list of priorities outside camp. 

That’s not just because the area is beautiful and well-deserving of its recognition, but because it’s a unique slice of Kentish countryside complete with a distinct history, quirks, personality, and attractions that make it such a singularly special place. Indeed, even if we just look at High Wealds itself, the number of things to see is immense. That’s why in this guide to camping in High Weald, we’ll be shining a light on the very best of the best. 

How close is Fallow Fields to High Weald?

This is a more complex question than is the case with most areas near us. High Weald has so much to offer because it’s enormous – crossing the counties of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent across 1,450 square kilometres. 

In other words, when it comes to High Weald AONB camping, it very much depends on what part of High Weald you’re looking to get to. In order to help make things clear, we’re going to give you an estimation of distances in all the locations we discuss. We’ll be sticking to driving distances because it’s not really suitable for other modes of transport. We’ll also be giving estimates from our Lathe Barn site, as Selson Farm is simply too far away for most. 

As a starting point, Tenterden is towards the edge of High Weald and is around 17.3 miles away from Lathe Barn. It would take you around 36 minutes to get there. 

Five places to visit in High Weald 

How could we possibly convey the epic beauty of such a monumental place? Remember that camping High Weald could actually refer to many different locations. With that in mind, we figured the best way would be to give examples of five amazing places for you to start your adventure. 

  1. Bewl Water 

Found near Lamberhurst, Bewl Water is the largest reservoir in South East England, and is an astounding location of natural beauty. We’re big believers in the simple things here at Fallow Fields and if you’re on our wavelength, this could be the place for you. 

It’s ideal for cyclists with an unforgettable 13-mile journey, and there’s hardly anywhere that can boast a spot to go for a walk or a picnic as scenic as this. It’s a dreamy place to unwind, whether you’re into birdwatching or want to rent a boat. And in that sense, it may be the perfect extension of what we offer at camp. 

You should be able to get to Bewl Water in a little over an hour (35.1 miles) if you take the A262. 

  1. Bateman’s 

History seems to be around every corner of this part of the country. Bateman’s – the 17th-century house near Burwash – isn’t just a beautiful house with stunning woodlands. It’s also the former home of Rudyard Kipling, who both wrote here and even designed the beautiful gardens himself. Embrace the surroundings which helped inform his work, check out his study, and feel educated and inspired yourself. 

Via the B2067, you should reach Bateman’s in around an hour and 11 minutes. It’s 35.5 miles away from camp. 

  1. Mayfield

If you want to get right to the heart of High Weald, then we’d say the idyllic town of Mayfield may be the perfect candidate. It’s positively overflowing with quaint English charm. Think traditional cottages, country inns, and a high street full of local businesses. 

We also view Mayfield as a bit of a double header in terms of attractions, thanks to the fantastic Parish Church of St. Dunstan – a stunningly preserved monument to the mediaeval history of Mayfield. It’s complete with carvings, a soaring spire, and stained glass windows. 

As we said, this is right in the thick of things as far as High Yield goes, meaning your best route is a touch under 42 miles away. It should take you around an hour and 21 minutes to get to it from the A262. 

  1. High Rocks 

What’s a trip to High Weald without checking out the sensational sandstones and ancient woodlands of High Rocks? It’s an unforgettable experience for anyone with even the slightest of natural curiosities, thanks to breath-taking views of the towering rocks and serene countryside. 

It’s a great one for photographers, artists, or just anyone who wants to soak in its majesty. In fact, High Rocks has been a tourist attraction and inspiration since the Victorian era. To this day, it remains ideal for anyone looking to rouse their passions for the natural world or simply enjoy a fun day out for the family. It makes for a timeless visit. 

High Rocks is near Tunbridge Wells – another reason to make the journey even if it’s around 43 miles away. This should take around an hour and 26 minutes from B2067. 

  1. Tenterden 

If you don’t want to spend too much time travelling, we’ve got some good news. We didn’t just mention the delightful town of Tenderdan because it represents one of the closest areas of High Weald to camp, but also because it’s a captivating place to visit all on its own. 

Those interested in soaking in all that the local businesses have to offer should pay a visit to the high street. This includes what we think is about as ideal a cafe location as they come, alongside a distinct shopping and dining experience more broadly. Alternatively, you could just go for a stroll and feel as though you’re peering through the veil of the past when you check out the Tenterden Steam Railway or the stunningly preserved 12th-century St. Mildreds Church. 

All of this is a little over half an hour away from camp. 

High Weald is worth the drive 

For all seasons and tastes, High Weald has plenty to offer. Your idea of a fabulous day out could be a really active one, with hikes or cycling. Well, High Weald has several lifetime’s worth of gorgeous natural areas to explore. It’s also often intertwined with a deliciously fascinating history, further enhancing the scope of its appeal. 

Alternatively, you can enjoy access to lots of space to relax. For instance, if you want to check out some interesting shops, cafes, or pubs, the 99 parishes have plenty of places to satisfy. We think a huge part of the reason High Weald AONB camping is so highly sought-after – just as is the case with our camps – is that you have the opportunity to experience everything at your own pace. 

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