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Camping Near Ramsgate

The Kent coast – which we are so fortunate to be close to at Fallow Fields – holds an amazing smorgasbord of historical and natural attractions. This includes everything from historic castles to the White Cliffs of Dover, alongside the many beautiful beaches that are a mere half an hour or so away.

Believe us then, when we say that it’s no small compliment that we feel the Ramsgate Royal Harbour and Marina remains one of the most stunning sights anywhere in this part of the country. It’s a sheer sensation for the senses, with beautiful views, an amazing story and a great selection of cafes and shops, making it a perfect day out.

One of the things our visitors are most often taken aback by staying with us is the sheer variety of experiences, sights and sounds within such a close radius. Indeed, if you travel in pretty much any direction, you could find yourself somewhere which looks so different, you may feel like you’ve gone to a distant land. In reality, you’ve only been in the car for maybe half an hour or so.

The reason we decided to start with the marina is that if camping near Ramsgate is key, we are only a mere 20 minutes or so (or up to an hour from Lathe Barn) away from this celebrated part of Ramsgate.

Of course,  the marina is just one example. The “Main Sands” of Ramsgate retain the golden glow unbothered by time going on all around it, with the simple pleasures of a relaxing, quiet clean beach retaining its charms across generations. The only key difference today is that you’ve now got a great selection of places to eat or to go for a drink once you’ve had your fill of sand between your toes. The many excellent restaurants, cafes and pubs are another great reason to visit Ramsgate.

For those of you that have a passion for history though, you can check out the amazing Ramsgate Tunnels. This is an educational experience as much as it is a visceral one, where you can learn all about the 150 year-plus old Victorian railway tunnels. With many of these used to survive air raids in WWII, it’s a unique experience few people forget. The same can be said for the other architectural and historic gems of Ramsgate, such as Sailors Church – a sparkling highlight in the fishing part of town – or the Shrine of St Augustine.

We love all these different and distinctive attractions here at Fallow Fields, as we’re all about encouraging as many new and memorable experiences as possible. With that said, it will come as little surprise to you – considering our proud love of the natural wonders of Kent – that perhaps our favourite part of Ramsgate is in their own considerable assets in that regard. Monkton Nature Reserve, Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve and King George VI Memorial Park are just a few examples of places where your wanderlust across all things green and pleasant can take you in Ramsgate.

This just proves that when you’re camping near Ramsgate, you’re close to an area which not only has plenty of experiences very much of its own, but an abundance of all those great things we love about Kent as a whole.

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