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Camping near Dover

Here at Fallow Fields, we’re all about putting the beauty of nature up front and centre. Sure, we love to toast the odd marshmallow alongside our little luxuries, but it’s vitally important to us that we always put getting back to nature at the heart of our camping experiences. We think, considering this, that the wonderful town of Dover is the perfect place to visit while staying with us. It offers the ideal sprinkle of something extra special on your camping adventure.

So connected is this town with the natural wonders which surround it that many people will immediately have thought of the mesmerising White Cliffs of Dover the moment this magical location was mentioned. They’re worthy of the visit alone. We have no doubt that they represent some of the most stunning views in all of the lengths and breadths of England. Considering we’re absolutely surrounded by incredible feats of nature in our campsite, with other towns and cities also within driving distance, that’s not a compliment we give lightly.

Elsewhere in Dover, you have the beautiful routes across the Samphire Hoe. We know that many of our visitors are avid walkers and this gets our highest possible recommendation. For those of you looking for a sit down after all that excitement, St Margaret’s Bay Beach provides a lovely contrast between Dover’s steep hills and scenic sites.

While we do think it’s those stunning nature spots which shine brightest in Dover’s starry skies, it’s not all that camping near Dover has to offer. In addition to the many amazing sites, walks and experiences across the magnificent areas which make Dover so famous, it’s also a great place to visit for lovers of history.

There’s the Dover Museum, the Fan Bay Deep Shelter and other military museums. It really showcases how Dover is such a unique spot with its own distinctive identity. If you want to gain context to many of the feats of architecture that will colour your visit, then these can help you further appreciate each and every brick which makes Dover a town like no other.

Of course, if you really want to get to the heart of Dover, then just as important as any natural wonder are the varied places to eat, to go for a pint or a cup of tea, or just to check out any of the local businesses. These are every bit the fabric of this town as any other world famous example.

If this all sounds like quite a lot to experience on short notice, well, we’ve got good news for you. As Fallow Fields offers camping near Dover – a mere 20-minute drive away – it’s so easy to get to from our site. That means you can enjoy any of its sea-kissed delights just about as often as you like.

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