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Camping Near St Margaret’s Bay

We get all kinds of visitors to our Fallow Fields campsites and we pride ourselves on being able to offer a variety of experiences to suit just about everybody. Whether you want to unwind and simply bask in our picturesque surroundings or enjoy a broad array of activities, from badminton to bush craft, we’ve got you covered, plus a whole lot more. It’s not just within our campsite that you can enjoy experiences that are fun for the whole family. That’s also true of our surroundings.

We’re very lucky to be close to some pretty amazing locations, many of which are multi-faceted enough to provide a broad array of days out all in one location. When you’re camping near St Margaret's Bay, for instance, you’re only half an hour to an hour or so away from the scenes of both one of the most idyllic spots to relax and one of the country's most famous feats of physical endurance.

This is the closest point between Britain and France, with a mere 21 miles between the two countries. That makes it the natural and historic starting point for cross channel swimmers. Of course, you don’t need to swim the channel to enjoy St Margaret's Bay’s many charms. But it’s nice to know that if you fancy a nice little marathon swim across to an entirely different country, this is the place to do it. If not, its spectacular white chalk cliffs make for an immensely memorable experience. Even the drive down is a remarkable journey.

It’s an area perfect for explorers, with rock pools (when the tide is out, of course) full of fascinating sea life. St Margaret’s Bay also boasts a history straight out of a pirate novel, filled with shipwrecks and plunder, with its geography making it a historic site for smugglers long before the swimmers took to its waters. It’s not your traditional beach, for sure, but for those of you looking to turn your trip into an adventure, it’s one you won’t want to miss out on.

Your wanderlust doesn't have to stop there either, as this is also an area where some of the most beautiful lands and seas meet. You’re a stones throw – assuming you haven’t already bounced it along the bay waters – from the beautiful Pines Garden. Here you can overlook the channel to France surrounded by fantastic foliage. There’s also  the immersively charming St Margaret's at Cliffe village, filled with great places to get a bite to eat, drink, or to just continue your discovery of what this delightful slice of English history has to offer.

There’s many days worth of fun to be had at St Margaret’s Bay and it’s surrounding areas. Considering you’re a little over 20 minutes away, you can enjoy it as often as you like when camping near St Margaret’s Bay with Fallow Fields.

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