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Camping Near Dover Castle

Days out don’t get much better than this!  Dover Castle is brimming with fascinating history both above and below ground. It boasts 2,000 years of rich history, all held within its distinctive walls and surrounded by stunning coastal views. Better still, you’ll be just a short 15-minute drive away when camping near Dover Castle at our Selson Farm site.

With more than 80 acres, you’ll have no shortage of things to do at this beloved tourist attraction. Immerse yourself in medieval history as you enter the Great Tower. Once the medieval palace of Henry II, it’s filled with bright colours and exquisite furnishings that transport you back to a bygone era of royalty.

Head up to the rooftop for awe-inspiring views of the English Channel, keep an eye out at the WW1 Fire Command Post or head down to the depths of medieval tunnels for another step back in time. Dover Castle played such a vital role in both the world wars and this can be truly appreciated through the many immersive experiences available here.

Gain an appreciation for the important position Dover Castle held as military headquarters during WWI. You’ll be able to learn about the history of the castle and the Dover area during this period with the recreated fire command post.

Situated deep below Dover Castle, the secret wartime tunnels really bring the wartime history of the area to life. Real footage and projections help you experience what it would have been like for the British Army being rescued from the Dunkirk beaches. The Underground Hospital further brings those World War II sights and sounds to life, with its atmospheric wards, dressing station and operating theatre.

Alongside these vital reminders of Dover’s past, there’s also plenty of activities and events throughout the year at Dover Castle. Taking inspiration from Cold War history, you can solve puzzles against the clock with your friends and family at the Bunker Escape Room. With seasonal adventure quests, explorer events for the kids and costumed characters at the weekends recreating the story of Henry II, there’s never a dull moment at Dover Castle.

That’s not even to mention the amazing places to visit around the castle too. There’s Roman Pharos: Britain’s oldest surviving lighthouse, used by Romans to help navigate the Channel. Its neighbour is the captivating St Mary in Castro Anglo-Saxon church. There’s also natural sights nearby, including the famous White Cliffs of Dover. Plus, with several lovely eateries within the castle itself, you’ll be able to fuel up for a whole day of adventure before heading back for a relaxing evening at our campsite near Dover Castle.

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