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Our Customer Commitment -
The Fallow Fields Camping Charter

We’re dedicated to listening to our customers and making their experience at Fallow Fields a truly memorable one for the whole family. Here are just some of the positive changes we’re implementing following your valuable feedback.

Feedback: Too much noise
Fix: It’s important for little ones to get a good night’s rest so they can fully enjoy their stay at Fallow Fields. That’s why we insist on quiet time from 10:30pm. It also gives our older guests an opportunity to relax and unwind. Guests not adhering to this will be asked to leave.

Be aware that the campsite is likely to be noisy in the morning past 7:30am, as campers gear up for an action-packed day. We do ask for all visitors to be respectful of their fellow campers, though.

Feedback: It feels too busy
Fix: To keep campers safe through the COVID pandemic, we introduced a pitch system, separated by long grass. One unexpected result of this, though, was it spread all pitches out and reduced the amount of large open spaces. The pitches will stay but we’ll be mowing the long grass and reducing the number onsite. This will restore the feeling of openness in our picturesque setting.

We will also be charging for gazebos. While this may be inconvenient for some, it will allow us to reduce the camp pitches and provide campers with the space they want.

Feedback: Some groups are too big
Fix: We want everyone who stays at Fallow Fields to have a peaceful, happy time with us. Unfortunately, large groups of visitors can sometimes impact on the experience of others. That’s why in 2022, groups will only be able to book five pitches and/or bell tents, with a maximum of 24 people. We hope customers understand that this policy is to ensure that everyone visiting Fallow Fields gets the most from their stay.

Feedback: There should be more activities for children
Having a fantastic choice of activities and games for our younger campers is very important to us. Unfortunately, we had to reduce these in response to the COVID pandemic. All being well, we will once again be offering all the great games and activities we had in previous years.

Feedback: Mud from cars spread around the campsite
As much as we’d love to be able to, we can’t control the weather at the campsite. When it rains and cars drive onto the field, things can get very muddy. This mud then gets spread around other areas of the campsite, such as the washrooms. To stop Fallow Fields turning into a mud bath, we will not permit cars to drive onto the field when it rains. Don’t worry though, we’ll be providing more trolleys, so you can easily get all your belongings to your pitch.

Feedback: There’s not enough meat and veg options
Fix: We don’t want to hear any grumbling tummies at Fallow Fields! That’s why we’ll be improving our meat and fresh food options. We’re also committing to cutting waste. We’ll use locally sourced, free-range meat, which will be available from the fridge or deep freeze. That means you have the option to buy what you need in the morning and defrost your BBQ feast while you’re out through the day – with less food ending up in the bin.

Feedback: More sinks are needed
Fix: We’re committing to building a face wash and teeth cleaning station with eight new sinks for Selson Farm for 2022.

Feedback: Dispensers were not always full
A member of staff will always be available in the camping field or at the washroom from 6:30am to 9:00pm to help stock up when needed. We’ll also be replacing hand towels with air blade driers in 2022.

Feedback: Sinks are too high in the Pot Wash
Fix: There’ll be no more standing on your tippy toes. We’ll be building a deck to raise the ground level in the Pot Wash by 10cm.