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Camping Near Hythe

It’s quite appropriate that Hythe roughly translates to ‘landing place’. Considering that when we’re walking around Hythe, we very much feel like we’ve landed somewhere rather special, it’s an ideal title for such a wonderful part of Kent. And we’ve only got a short journey to get there, from Lathe Barn we’re only a 10 minute drive from this stunning, historic coastal market town found upon Romney Marsh.

You wouldn’t need to be signposted to know you were there, either. Hythe has a distinctive identity which may have plenty in common with the natural and architectural beauties found all around the county but it remains still one of its own. It’s one forged by a unique history and hitting your senses with it’s gorgeous smorgasbord or architectural delights.

If you’re a fan of history – or indeed just lovely looking buildings – you’ll find an immense variety here including neoclassical,  Saxon, medieval and Georgian architecture. It's astounding regardless of your historical understanding, and makes Hythe feel like a miniature history of English buildings in a single town.

We’re all about having as much of a variety of experiences as possible here at Fallow Fields. That’s why we’re so happy to be able to offer our visitors camping near Hythe (not to mention the many other fabulous locations we’re surrounded by). It never stops amazing us the many different worlds we can travel to in only a short car ride. Just check out the frankly spooky Crypt at St. Leonard or its astounding Victorian styled seafront as just a couple of examples.

Hythe’s beaches themselves serve as a showcase that this town is every bit as impressive on the outside as it is throughout its many storied bricks. Hythe beach is indeed a highlight. As an astonishingly beautiful, unspoiled and quiet beach, it’s a standout in a part of the country full of coastal diamonds, like the also nearby Fisherman’s Beach. There’s also Brockhill Country Park and the American Garden; both havens for luscious greens and colourful flower beds.

You can walk, swim or even take a boat ride across any of these immensely wonderful pieces of Hythe’s broad spectrum of sensory delights. And you can top it all off with a trip to any one of the many cafes, bars, pubs and eating spots which you might need after a long, lovely day of exploring nature. Of course, you could head straight on back to camp too, as we’re only a short journey away, after all.

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