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Camping near Kent Coast

Just as important as the immense Kent countryside  – which we are lucky  enough to call the home of the Fallow Fields campsite – is the Kent coastline. It makes this sprinkle of English idyllic heaven such an exceptional place to visit and hems what we think is one of the most breathtaking areas in the country.

If you’re camping with us, you'll already know about the amazing beauty of this part of the country: the generous swaths of green grandeur, the simple yet majestic pleasures of rural bliss. And if you don’t know, you’ll soon find out. Discovering the wonders of the seaside is just as easy when you’re camping near the Kent coast.

It’s important to understand that when we’re talking about the Kent coast, we aren’t actually talking about a singular location. Just as if we were to discuss parks in Kent, we’d be doing a disservice to their incredible variety and individual character, the same can be said of the Kent coast.

Books could be written about the White Cliffs of Dover, the unspoiled sands of Botany Bay or the historic shipwrecks and smugglers of St Margaret’s Bay. And that’s without even mentioning the likes of Margate or Broadstairs, all of which are generally somewhere between a 20-minute to 40-minute drive from a Fallow Fields campsite. Each of these is an adventure of their own.

We can’t possibly do justice to these amazing locations in words. After all, these are things that truly need to be experienced to be appreciated. When camping near the Kent coast, we invite you to wonder at the magnificence of the white cliffs, take in the smell of the crisp sea air and try some of the finest and freshest seafood that the country has to offer.

You can swim, surf or simply feel the sand beneath your feet. And this is all before you’ve ventured into the amazing surrounding towns, which breathe character and create memories all of their own. There’s everything from the nostalgic charms and theme park fun of Margate town to the rustic good looks and fabulous foliage of St Margaret’s at Cliffe village.

The only real problem with having all these amazing locations on our doorstep is that there’s so much to enjoy, we’re not sure you’ll be able to experience it all in a single visit. But you’re certainly welcome to try, because camping near the Kent coast means you’re always just a short journey from some of the most amazing coastal spots in the country.

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