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Camping near Headcorn, Kent

In pretty much every direction from our Fallow Fields camps, you’ll discover a new local culture, experiences, and adventures. For instance, our campsites near Headcorn, Kent, provide you with access to a delightful slice of Kentish countryside with a side order of immense historical charm and depth. 

If you’re staying with us because you want to reconnect with the great outdoors but are looking to expand the horizons of your journey, then it’s a fantastic choice. This is a spot which can be as relaxing or as exciting as you choose, cultural or simple fun, perhaps both. You can think of camping near Headcorn as being given a blank canvas and a vibrant palette filled with nothing but possibilities. 

Fallow Field campsites near Headcorn Kent 

With our Lathe Barn campsite being around 23.6 miles away via Bethersden Road – the fastest way of getting there – it’s possible to drive from our camp to Headcorn in a little over 45 minutes. 

Driving from Selson Farm isn’t that much further either. Via the M20, you should get through the 42.3-mile journey in just over an hour. Other transport methods aren’t suitable for most. Public transport takes a few hours and unless you’re an experienced cyclist, the two hours or so it would take from Lathe Barn might be too much. We can’t claim to be the closest campsites near Headcorn Kent, but we do think the journey is worth an hour or less of your time. 

Top activities and experiences when camping in Headcorn 

The only problem with there being so much to choose from is that it can be hard to know where to begin. To help get the gears moving towards your ideal vacation plans, we’ve selected five of the top things to do once you’ve made the journey from our campsites near Headcorn, Kent.  

  1. Get lost in its historic charm 

With a history that dates back to the neolithic era, river systems many thousands of years old, several medieval and Iron Age sites, and a station which fed Allied troops their first meal following the evacuation from Dunkirk, it’s fair to say that Headcorn has been around the block a few times. It has historical depth comparable to the delights of Dover. And it’s this which makes Headcorn camping so fascinating and provides the area with its distinctive local character. 

There are several museums through which you can experience this rich heritage, such as the Lashenden Air Warfare Museum. Or, you can just go for a walk and soak in the ambience of the architectural delights that surround you. There’s several dozen buildings of both historical and architectural interest in Headcorn, which run the gambit of time. In other words, you needn’t be an expert to appreciate the history of Headcorn – its presence is felt on every street. 

  1. Sample the local produce at Headcorn Farmers Markets 

SImple though it may sound, we think one of the best ways to really get to grips with what any area is all about – and to get a true sense of the place – is to check out what the locals have to offer. What better chance to do exactly that than by heading out to the Headcorn Farmers Markets. 

This takes place on the second Saturday of every month, showcasing the finest local produce. It’s the ideal place if you want to take something home with you as a delicious reminder of your time with us. 

  1. Experience the local cafes and pubs 

Speaking of delicious, another wonderful way to get to know a place is to sample the local businesses which make the area tick. This is true of Margate and Sandwich, and it’s true here. We’re camping near Headcorn, Kent, but not so close that the trip doesn’t require a little refreshment. Luckily, there are lots of local cafes, pubs, and restaurants to indulge yourself in. 

  1. Take to the skies 

If you’re the adventurous sort, then camping in Headcorn has plenty of ways to make some adrenaline-rousing memories. You can take to the sky with the many air tours – both an amazing experience and a tribute to the role of the area in WWII. 

There’s also balloon rides and even a company which offers the chance to try out wing-walking for a thrill like no other. It’s clear that Headcorn never forgot to fly – and they can teach you a little something about it too. 

  1. Simply bask in the idyllic countryside 

All that intensity isn’t for everyone. And even the adventurers need a break every now and again. What’s great about Headcorn is it allows you to choose your journey. It’s just as capable of being the perfect picnic spot or place for a gentle bike ride as it is to propel you over the skies of the Kentish countryside. 

Rest assured, if all you want is to soak in the beauty of your stunning surroundings, then you can do just that. 

Headcorn further diversifies your camping vacation

People generally underestimate just how much there is to do here. But not only do our camps have a varied selection of activities to enjoy, but the surrounding areas have what feels like limitless potential for breaks of any kind.  

It might not be the biggest tourist attraction, but camping near Headcorn, Kent, provides you with an exceptional opportunity for a vacation filled with versatile experiences and adventures. Our Fallow Fields campsite gives you easy access to the full charms of the Kentish countryside, in and out of camp, including Headcorn and so many other spell-binding local spots. 

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