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Our Campsite Near Faversham

We don’t imagine it comes as a surprise to anyone that here at Fallow Fields, we’re big fans of all the delights nature has for us in this incredible part of the world. We’re not just talking about the green and gorgeous charms of our campsite – although we hope you’ll agree they are as as lovely as they are relaxing.

We view our campsite, and the experience of staying with us, as one which ties in with the rest of the Kent countryside and surrounding towns and attractions. It’s like a delectable buffet of east Kent magic where you can pick and choose which most take your fancy. Camping near Faversham, for instance, means you’re a little over a half an hour away from an extraordinary amount of additional rural delights.

As a couple of examples, there’s the Oare Marshes Nature Reserve. This is an astoundingly stunning place where the coastal delights that are such a jewel in the crown of so many towns near us blend with flora and fauna making for a great day out. Parking is very affordable with the money going to help the reserve.

There’s also Perry Wood, a spot beloved by dog walkers. This is alongside the beautiful Brogdale Collections and Mount Ephraim Gardens for a calm, carefully curated burst of colourful gardening brilliance.And while we would be happy to spend all our time just enjoying the great outdoors while camping near Faversham, it’s important to note that there're plenty of lovely places to check out indoors too. This is especially important if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse.

For starters, if you’ve had a long day walking and exploring around the area, you’ll probably want to stop somewhere for a tasty bite, or perhaps for a pint or a cup of tea. Well, there’s a really great selection of places to eat, drink and be merry at Faversham. And when a long day has left us feeling peckish, we know that’s as important as any other tourist attraction.

We think these kinds of local highlights compliment the more famous likes of the historic Belmont House and Gardens, the Shepherd Neame Visitor Centre & Brewery Tour, or Fleur de Lis Museum and Gallery to give just a couple of examples. Oh and we very much recommend you check out one of their amazing local markets to really get a sense of the remarkable personality and individuality which makes Faversham such a special town to visit.

This is all, of course, made easier by the fact that when you’re camping near Faversham with Fallow Fields, you really are just a short journey away.

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