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Camping Near the Eurotunnel

There are lots of different elements which go into making stays with us at Fallow Fields so special. Our surroundings are beautiful, we have excellent facilities onsite and we’re always thinking of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. But there’s also the number of amazing areas we’re so lucky to be close to, even before we get to the benefits of camping near the Eurotunnel, and therefore, the rest of the continent.

If you drive a little while in any direction from us, you’re likely to find even more incredible natural beauty, new experiences and enough adventure to last a lifetime. We think – if you don’t mind us tooting our own horn for a moment – that’s all rather impressive. It’s certainly a big part of the reason we love where we’re located at Fallow Fields and we hope that when you come stay with us, you’ll feel the same.

However, that’s only scratching the surface of where it’s possible to go from our beloved campsite. Considering we’re only around a half an hour drive to Folkestone, it means that you’re just a short journey away from the Eurotunnel. That opens you up to the rest of the continent. That’s right, as you sit enjoying your campfire,  lost in the rural bliss of this wonderful part of the country, several other countries are also on your doorstep.

Considering the Channel Tunnel itself takes about 35 minutes to cross – according to the official Eurotunnel website – then that makes your total travel time a little bit over an hour. Of course, we know that in reality, in terms of checking in and organising trips, there’s a great deal more time that actually goes into any journey like this but it still is an astonishingly simple way of crossing the English channel and a truly memorable way of going on holiday.

In terms of how Fallow Fields fits into your travel plans is totally down to you. The great thing about camping near the Eurotunnel is that you can make the journey work for you and your family. Perhaps you’re on the way to the Eurotunnel and you want to spend some time relaxing before making the trip. Or maybe you’re coming from the other direction and have decided that Fallow Fields is the perfect base from which to explore the glorious English countryside.

We really think that camping near the Eurotunnel just showcases how our campsite isn’t just a perfect spot to get lost in nature, but it’s also one of the most convenient and well-connected places to stay anywhere in East Kent.

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