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Camping Near Whitstable with Fallow Fields

Camping with us means you’ve chosen to unwind in what we think are some of the most naturally beautiful parts of the country. It means that, at least from the luscious Kent countryside where we’re standing, you have pretty great taste when it comes to the finest spots mother nature has to offer in all of England. Considering this, we felt it will likely be of great interest for you to know that, when camping with Fallow Fields, you’re a little over half an hour to forty five minutes away from the wonderful seaside town of Whitstable.

Camping near Whitstable means that you’re a hop, skip and a quick car ride away from the pebbly picturesque perfection of Whitstable beach. For those of you feeling a little more adventurous, you can even throw on some flip flops, potter along to the edge of the water, and if you feel like it, take a cheeky dip. When the water’s out, of course: the effect isn’t quite the same otherwise.

The good news about the tide though is that when you’re camping near Whitstable, you’re nearby enough to make sure you arrive at the ideal time. Although you could make the argument that, aside from organising when to take a splash, anytime is a pretty great one at Whitstable. While the beach might naturally beckon the nature lovers who visit us here at Fallow Fields, it has so much more to offer.

For starters, there’s the amazing seafood you’ll find here. It may not be a surprise that a seaside town has plenty of fish dish delights. However, the standards here really do make many of Whitstable’s restaurants a meal to remember, with ingredients as fresh as a sea breeze.

The fantastic restaurants are, of course, one part of the many lovely shops, businesses and pubs which bring this area to life. They provide the sense of community for which Whitstable is known and loved. There’s even pubs right beside the sea, for when you fancy a bit of sea air with a cheeky pint or two, or some of that fantastic grub we mentioned.

You can enjoy local beer, the freshest fish and chips and fascinating shops all nestled between stunning architecture like Whitstable Castle and cultural highlights such as the Playhouse Theatre Whitstable. All this proves that Whitstable is one place to visit where the possibilities are as endless as an ocean horizon.

More than anything, that’s what makes camping near Whitstable with Fallow Fields extra special. We’re so proud of the experiences we can offer on our campsite and we view the many amazing areas that are close to us as an extension of the incredible memories Fallow Fields Camping can offer. With so much to see and do at the campsite and around it, you really can pick your own adventure, from the land to the sea.

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