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Our Campsite at East Kent

Both of our campsites – whether it’s SelsonFarm a few miles southwest of Sandwich, or Lathe Barn just five minutes fromthe Dymchurch seafront – have so much to offer precisely because you’re campingin East Kent. In fact, there’s so much variety, from the beaches and the pubsto the architecture and the local towns, that you can personally carve aholiday experience that’s ideal for you.

The only problem is that with so manywonderful things in camp and also an amazing collection of activities throughoutEast Kent, figuring out where to start may initially seem overwhelming. Butthat’s always the case at the beginning of a great adventure. This page isabout helping you take that mass of options and roll them up into bite-sizedchunks for you to chew over.

An overview of what to do in East Kent

So, where to get started in East Kent? We’ve got a few ideas:

Discover the beautiful beaches

Both of our camps are close to the Kent Coast. Even Selson Farm – which is by farour most inland camp – is nearby to Deal Castle Beach, which you can reach inabout 20 minutes by car. Cyclists could manage it in a little over half anhour.

The nearest beach to Lathe Barn can be reachedwithin five minutes by car, and some cyclists can do it in 10 minutes. Youcould even walk it, considering it’s a mere two and a half miles away.


And to be clear, it’s not just that East Kentcamping means you’re close to beaches, but we’d argue it gives you access tothe most varied collection of the finest beaches in the UK. It could be afun-filled day at Botany Bay, an exploration of coves andcastles at Kingsgate Bay, or the blue seas and golden sand dunes of Camber Sands. It’s like having an irresistiblebuffet of uniquely sun-kissed delights right on your doorstep.

Experience jaw-droppingattractions

You’ll never run out of things to do whilecamping in East Kent. We’re pretty sure that even if you managed to tick offthe most major attractions, there would be a lifetime’s worth of new ones bythe time you finished – such is the innovative and ever-evolving nature of thisslice of English heaven.

And speaking of nature, one such place toconsider would be the unforgettable Port Lympne .This is the largest animal reserve in this part of the country, with 600 acreshousing and protecting 75 different species. It’s a must-see for natureenthusiasts. More family fun can be found at Dymchurch Amusement Park, which is filled withclassic attractions and that traditional seaside vacation feel.

And of course, it would be hard to discussmajor attractions in East Kent without at least one mention of the majesticWhite Cliffs of Dover. You’ve almost certainly seen themprinted and many of you will have read about them. But we assure you thatnothing can prepare you for the spectacle of visiting them yourself.

All this is just a brief overview to give youan example of the variety of options available, from the unforgettable to thefun-filled, and sometimes both. There are many, many more should you wish toexplore East Kent.

Indulge in amazing architectureand history

While we suppose the many amazing feats ofarchitecture and historical landmarks – which often are one and the same – areattractions themselves, we felt that their impact on East Kent was grand enoughto warrant their own mention here. Put simply, whether you’re a history buff orsimply someone who wishes to embrace their local surroundings in a deeper way,there’s plenty to explore.

You could be inspired by the captivatinggothic architecture of Canterbury and learn about its medievalorigins, complete with preserved artifacts for an unparalleled historicalexperience. Or enjoy an immersive journey through the wartime tunnels to thebreathtaking views of Dover Castle.

Explore wonderful towns

East Kent camping means that we’re perfectlysituated for just about every type of break you could desire. It could bepeaceful or exciting, interesting and educational, or just plain and simplefun. It can often be all of these things. And that immense variety ofadventures is possible above all else because we’re so close to many wonderfultowns and locations, each with their own unique character and things to offervisitors.

Want a quintessential seaside break? Broadstairs is a fantastic option. What abouta journey to the very essence of British history and culture? It’s hard toimagine somewhere better than Canterbury. A relaxing trip into a town full ofcharm and medieval architecture? Step right this way, as we’ve got the town of Sandwich right on our doorstep.

Enjoy your stay with us

You know what else is available in East Kent?We are! That means that on top of all these amazing ways to enjoy your break,you’ve also got a beautiful place to stay and tons of natural activities, fromwood-fired pizzas to outdoor yoga, and plenty more inbetween. Inside and out,this is a fantastic way to escape from the stresses of the modern world.

Camping in East Kent offers an incredible amount of choice

It’s fantastic that there’s so many amazingthings to do while East Kent camping. Truthfully, it would be impossible for usto fully articulate the many new sights, sounds, and experiences found in thismagical part of the country. You can check out more specific examples of greatattractions in our ‘Things to do’ pages at the bottom of this page.

Not only are there so many possibilities, butso many fantastic ways to spend your time here that there really are no wronganswers –  just incredible memorieswaiting to be made.

Why Fallow Fields Camping?

We have plenty of reasons to be proud of our campsites at Fallow Fields. We’re proud of the amazing accommodation we offer, the quality of the food we provide and the variety of activities we offer. It’s also a top priority for us to ensure that, while we give you everything you need – from our lovely new hot showers and our little shop full of camping essentials – that nothing takes priority over the beauty that nature brings.

One of our greatest assets is where we’re located. The Fallow Fields campsites in East Kent benefits from being in exceptional settings. It’s fundamental to the unforgettable experiences we provide. It’s our identity, with each blade of grass or blooming fruit tree helping you to get lost in the stunning ambience and tranquility of the countryside. Our job is to simply provide everything a person could want to best appreciate it.

Our campsite at Selson Farm in East Kent though, is just one part of what makes this part of the country such an amazing place to visit. Best of all for our visitors is the fact that almost everything that makes this area so special is within driving distance of Selson Farm. In fact, thanks to the immense countryside, even the drive to the likes of Dover or Margate – just to give a couple of examples – is part of each adventure.

If you can’t get enough of the gorgeous greenery which we’re gifted with, then the likes of Westgate Gardens in Canterbury is a mesmerising journey of natural wonderment. Speaking of great natural wonders, lets not forget the immense White Cliffs of Dover? It’s the most famous coastal experience close to our campsite East Kent, but one look at the beauty of the golden sands of Botany Bay or Viking Bay Beach should prove that it’s far from the only windswept jewel in the crown of the Kent coast.

East Kent is also an area of great history, filled with lots of classic seaside towns like Margate. These bring back memories of sticks of rocks and candy floss on a sunny day. Alongside these are the many amazing feats of historic architecture like Canterbury Cathedral or Margate Tudor House. For more cultural highlights, there are also great venues like the Marlowe Theatre or Dover Museum. Just as vital are all the amazing little businesses, places to eat and independent highlights which might not ‘make headlines’, but are key in appreciating the individuality of each and every town and coast.

All the parts of East Kent – just like each of the attractions we’ve mentioned here – are individually wonderful things to experience. But all of these things are made even greater as a whole by the incredible diversity of unforgettable memories each element of this truly one of a kind part of the world has to offer. We’re privileged to be part of East Kent, both contributing to and enjoying everything it provides to us and our visitors.

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