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Camping Near Camber Sands

Here at Fallow Fields, we love all of the wonders of nature. Of course, you can look around our beautiful campsites and know that so much of our heart goes into creating a space that lets you soak up the natural beauty around you. We love the campfires, the fruit growing on the trees, the sheep in the fields, and that distinct sense of peace and calm that comes with rural life.

However, it’s not the only shade of seductive tranquility you’ll find in the great outdoors. When camping at Lathe Barn, you’re just 30 minutes away from Camber Sands, where you’ll find a perfect example of the other stunning natural sight that nature has blessed this wonderful part of the country with.

Why a Camber Sands camp is so special 

All campsites near Camber Sands, including Lathe Barn, have access to a truly amazing location capable of creating great memories and experiences. They’re like an extension of the blissful beauty of our own camp – unique but in keeping with the kind of escape we look to provide. 

To help you plan your break and make the most of our close to Camber Sands camp, here’s a few things we think make them so remarkable. 

Dog-friendly and fun for all the family 

Camber Sands is a dog-friendly beach – and a rather lovely one at that. Importantly, this is a sand beach. Now, at Fallow Fields, we’re fans of all kinds of beaches. The scenic, the historic, the downright pebbly. But, we understand that nothing can compare to the feeling of  golden grains between your toes as the sea breeze provides a touch of coolness on a hot summer's day. 

Plus, our canine friends absolutely love it. When you’re camping near Camber Sands, that’s all nearby, weather permitting. And you can access it all a short distance from your Camber Sand campsite tent at Lathe Barn. And even the furriest members of your family can join you. 

Our Camber Sands camping site has access to incredible beauty 

To be clear, there’s many amazing beach and coastal spots near both of our Selson Farm and Lathe Barn campsites. There’s no shortage of areas to build a sandcastle or two when you’re in camp sites near Camber Sands or the Kent Coast more broadly. With all that though, we still consider this one the absolute finest that this part of the country has to offer.

First off, there’s the sheer jaw-dropping beauty of the place. To say it’s easy on the eye would be an understatement: it just doesn’t do justice to being there. Cosmic sand dunes, deep blue seas, clean, crisp, beautifully preserved and unspoiled: it’s sheer beach magic. It may be better for many in the sunshine but make no mistake, this camping Camber Sands beach is an astoundingly delightful place to be whatever the weather.

You can choose your own adventure when camping at Camber

It’s also a place with the scope to allow you to have pretty much whatever kind of beach day out you want. You can sit back and take in the ambience, feel the waves lap up against you with the tide, or just explore those great sand dunes. You could kitesurf – there’s actually a rather passionate kitesurfing community here, as it happens – or take a scenic walk or cycle. Some people have even taken to kite buggying around its transportive sands. 

Much like Fallow Fields, your camping Camber Sands Beach adventure is one you can tailor to your tastes. 

A Camber Sands camp is close to history 

Elsewhere, there’s plenty of great historical sites nearby. That includes some rather amazing architecture just a mile or two away if you want to make Camber Sands just part of that afternoon’s exploration. Truthfully though, beach lovers will find plenty of reasons to stay right here for many hours.

All that, we would say, makes the 30 or so minutes drive from Lathe Barn more than worth your while. You can even get there from Selson Farm, although that would likely take you more than an hour, but it does offer a Camber Sands campervan site. Still, considering just how utterly magical Camber Sands can be, it’s something we can recommend from whichever camp you’re staying at as our guests at Fallow Fields.


Can you wild camp in Camber Sands? 

No, you cannot legally go wild camping at the beach, as it’s classed as a civil offense. Plus, it’s likely to be a rather uncomfortable night due to the amount of bugs and flies in the dunes. 

However, we’ve got two camp sites near Camber Sands to provide the perfect solution – both are practical, comfortable, and with plenty more natural delights beyond camping at Camber. You can even save money by bringing your own tent. 

How close is FCC to Camber Sands?

You can drive to Camber Sands in around half an hour from Lathe Barn, and in a little over an hour from Selson Farm. The latter is your best option if you’re looking for a Camber Sands campervan site. 

Is Camber Sands safe to swim?

The safety of Camber Sands very much depends on the tides. You can check the tide times to decide when best to go from the comfort of your Camber Sand campsite tent right here at Fallow Fields. 

It’s also advised that you be aware of sandbars, plus soft sand and mud exposed at low tides, and it’s vital that you always dress appropriately for swimming. You can talk to beach patrol staff if you’re unsure about any safety issue. 

Are there toilets at Camber Sands? 

Yes, there are toilets near the outside taps at the main car park, so you needn’t head back to your nearest Camber Sands camp if you need the loo. 

Is Camber Sands dog-friendly? 

The beach is largely dog-friendly. However, between the 1st May and 30th September, dogs are not allowed within a certain zoned area, which is clearly signposted. In other words, your furry friends can all enjoy the camping Camber Sands beach experience, with the exception of some areas at certain times. 

What are the best things to do in Camber Sands? 

The simple, family-friendly fun of the beach means you can pretty much do what you want. Much like our campsites, that’s a large part of the fun of it. But here’s a few popular ideas to get you started. 

  • Walking (and dog walking!) 
  • Kitesurfing 
  • Inflatable boat tour 
  • Swimming
  • Beachcombing 
  • Cycling
  • Swimming 
  • Explore the town of Rye 
  • Check out the nearby Camber Castle

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