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Our Campsite Near Folkestone

Folkestone is just one of the many amazing places near us. there’s so many adventures to be had in this port town that if it were the only place around – and if we didn’t have so many activities here at the Fallow Fields campsite – then we still think that most visitors would struggle to find time to see it all.

Since we’re a big fan of all things rural and for fun times for all the family, we have to start with Lower Leas Coastal Park. This is actually split into three different zones, so whether you want to enjoy the wonderful gardens and pine avenues, get lost in the tranquility of the wild zone or head on over to the fun zone full of play areas suitable for children, you can find it all here. There’s even a theatre for performances and live musical acts.

And this is just one place you can visit in this town. See what we mean about there being an awesome selection of things to do when camping near Folkestone? There’s also the stunning harbour which might be one of the finest places to walk in all of east Kent. It’s not just got incredible views but also loads of fantastic food stalls and bars. If you just want to go somewhere for a little bit of a wander and a bite to eat while you take in the amazing scenery, then this may very well be the ideal place.

Speaking of areas that will have your wanderlust roaming, there’s also the beautiful sandy beaches Folkestone is blessed with. These are alongside the likes of East Cliff and Warren Country Park where you can catch views of the White Cliffs of Dover or Kingsnorth gardens, which is perfect for a quick stroll.

Put simply, when it comes to sheer sensory experiences that have provided countless memories over the years, well, you’re simply spoiled for choice. It’s not just your senses that are in for a wild ride, either. Of course, you can enjoy the smell of the sea breeze or get visually blown away by one of Folkestone’s natural beauties, or have your tastebuds treated on a harbour fabulously overstocked with restaurants. But Folkestone has even more for you to experience.

It’s also somewhere to expand your mind as you get to know this remarkable part of the country that much better. Whether it’s The Leas Promenade, the Folkestone Creative Corner, the Quarterhouse theatre or Leas Cliff Hall, camping near Folkestone means you’re nearby somewhere to invigorate your body and mind, while having whatever kind of fun you fancy.

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