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Our Campsite Near Joss Bay

It’s no surprise that here at Fallow Fields, we’re fans of all of the wonderful sights, sounds and experiences nature has to offer. We're lucky to be surrounded with the shimmering sands and sea that are merely a short drive away. Now, the standards of East Kent’s natural beauty are so incredibly high that if you head in any direction to the coast, you’re usually about half an hour to an hour away from somewhere exceedingly lovely to build a sandcastle on. We certainly know that to be the case when you’re camping near Joss Bay.

Joss Bay is one of a broad selection of fantastic beaches. These include everything from Botany Bay to St Margaret's Bay, as just a couple of examples. With it’s surf school and gorgeous beach, Joss Bay is considered by many to be the best beach in the area.

Now, this is a matter of personal taste, of course. Some people simply find the sands elsewhere to appear that much more golden beneath their feet. But the very fact that for many, Joss Bay represents the pinnacle of the luscious Kent coast is a higher honour than any award, review or recommendation.

The reason for this is simple: Joss Bay doesn’t have any single big tourist attraction. In fact, the lack of such is part of its charms. It’s a relatively small, lovingly kept beach sheltered by those steep white cliffs famous on the coast, right next to North Foreland golf course. Amongst its biggest fans are the surfers who flock here for its idyllic conditions and surfing culture. If you’re brand new to the sport, it’s also a perfect place to learn, with a long-established surf school and hiring shops.

You don’t have to ride the waves if that’s not your thing, though. Its pristine sands also make it an ideal spot to pull up a beach chair and let the sunshine carry you through the day. Just don’t forget the sunscreen – we don’t want you coming back to camp looking as red as a crab as a result of your sun-kissed adventures.

You can go for a dip in lush waters and, despite the sporty surfing culture, this is a calm beach. It’s perfect for families looking to enjoy a simple day out in a glorious setting. You can even make quite the day of it – possibly a few days, considering it’s situated right between Broadstairs and Margate, each of which provide their very own amazing adventure.

We can’t tell you whether Joss Bay will end up being your favourite beach. Although, we imagine almost anyone who likes the feel of the sea breeze will have a whale of a time here. We suppose the only way to really find out is by experiencing it yourself. The great thing about camping near Joss Bay at Fallow Fields, of course, is that you only have a little over half an hour to travel to do so.

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