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Campsite near Sissinghurst

Our campsites are more than the sum of their parts. For instance, while we think our outdoor play areas and kitchen are singularly wonderful – and our bush craft and welly wanging are tons of fun on their own – it’s bringing these things together which makes us such a special place to visit. 

This goes for outside camp too. We’re strengthened by the many beautiful natural wonders we’re lucky enough to be nearby, from the chalky cliffs of the Kent Coast to the sun-kissed beauty of Camber Sands. Our offering is greater for being near tourist attractions like Dreamland Margate and Dover Castle. The character of the local areas can only serve to brighten your adventures. That’s why camping near Sissinghurst is something we want to celebrate. 

How far is Fallow Fields camping from Sissinghurst? 

Both our camps are within reasonable driving distance to Sissinghurst. You can get there from the A262 within about 46 minutes from Lathe Barn. Selson Farm would take you ever so slightly, at over an hour via A252. It’s around 24.9 miles and 42 miles away from Lathe Barn and Selson Farm respectively. It’s, therefore, possible to cycle to Sissinghurst if you’re a very keen cyclist, through national Cycle Route 18. 

Why you should visit Sissinghurst  

With so many amazing things to do in camp, and so many fantastic places to visit, why should you be excited about camping near Sissinghurst specifically? Well, here’s some reasons to get you started:

To embrace the local culture 

Boasting a rich history which dates back to medieval times and tons of rural charm, Sissinghurst packs an awful lot in such a small village. The best way to experience this might be as simple as visiting the local businesses and historic sites like the Grade-II Victorian Trinity Church. 

There’s also village events you can check out should you be camping near Sissinghurst at the right time of year. Their summer fete, for instance, tends to take place somewhere around August and July and is a fantastic celebration of the joys of summertime. 

It’s part of a broader journey Near High Weald and Royal Tunbridge Wells 

You aren’t just camping near Sissinghurst, but lots of other wonderful areas, too. You’re also camping near the spell-binding Canterbury, and the vintage seaside holiday vibes of Margate. And, you’re also near an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with the captivating rolling hills and picturesque valleys of High Weald, an enchanting part of Kent. 

Plus, there’s the elegantly historic town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, with timeless architecture and cultural events galore. And the really cool thing is that Sissinghurst is a fantastic place to stop before them. For example, Royal Tunbridge Wells is about an hour and 19 minutes from Lathe Barn, and just half an hour from Sissinghurst. So, if you want to make a pitstop, you can really make a day of it and easily see both in one unforgettable journey. 

It’s an incredible cycling route 

There’s no doubt that those interested in cycling to Sissinghurst will need to be up for a challenge. It will take you over two hours to get there at average speeds. However, many of our visitors are avid cyclists and if that’s the case, we’ve got to tell you that the route from Lathe Barn to Sissinghurst traverses some truly glorious countryside. 

Less than half a mile away is National Cycle Route 18, which takes you on a pretty clear and simple course down to Sissinghurst – an ideal stopping point on your great adventure. Of course, we’d only recommend this to experienced, confident cyclists. 

To be inspired by the amazing Sissinghurst Castle Garden

There’s no singular attraction at Sissinghurst more beloved than Sissinghurst Castle Garden. It’s known as the most famous English garden of the twentieth century – home to an incredible plant collection and iconic garden design. It’s split into several ‘rooms’, each with its own theme. This provides a sense of surprise and discovery around every corner, extensively restored and maintained by the National Trust. 

It’s no surprise then that it inspired both many other gardens, and the writing of Vita Sackville-West, owner and creator of the garden. If there’s one reason above all else to be excited about camping near Sissinghurst, this is it. 

Enjoy the most glorious of walks 

Once you’ve explored the great Sissinghurst Castle Garden, we highly recommend you check out one of the country's most beautiful walks. This includes the wider estate, and allows you to really immerse yourself in the spectacular beauty of Kent, both architecturally and naturally – including immense waves of seductive greenery and a 16th-century tower. 

Much like the cycle route, it’s a fairly demanding journey, taking about an hour and a half. That said, it’s more than worth the effort if you’re up for it. 

Embrace natural and architectural delights when camping near Sissinghurst

It’s simple. If you’re staying with us and you want to head out of camp to explore all the wonderful things we’re lucky enough to have nearby, Sissinghurst is well worth considering. It offers all kinds of amazing adventures. You can even integrate the trip into other activities, and if not, there’s plenty here to be worthy of a day of anybody’s vacation. The Sissinghurst Castle Garden, in particular, is a must-see for visitors in the area. 

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