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Campsite near Romney Marsh

Our Romney Marsh campsite known as Lathe Barn aims to deliver the ultimate escape into the Kent countryside. This means we provide you with all the facilities you need to embrace our stunning surroundings in a stress-free environment. 

It doesn’t, however, mean isolating you from everything Romney Marsh has to offer. We think campsites in Romney Marsh, Kent should instead be viewed as an extension of the magnificence of the local area – complete not just with its own natural splendour, but with a lifetime’s worth of unforgettable experiences. 

Our campsite is both its own distinct location and one which is improved and complemented by the surrounding areas we’re lucky enough to call home. 

Why Romney Marsh is the perfect place for our Lathe Barn Campsite 

Here, we’re going to give you a few reasons why we think our Lathe Barn campsite and Romney Marsh go together like a cup of tea and a Canterbury tart. That way, you can get stuck into planning how to make the most out of every magical moment with us. 

It’s a wonderful place to explore nature

Campsites near Romney Marsh Kent have a stunning collection of nature-focused adventures right on their doorstep. And considering you’re staying with us – and we’re all about embracing the joy of the great outdoors – we think that you’re going to be excited to get to grips with the sights, sounds, and experiences Romney Marsh is blessed with. 

For instance, we’re half an hour from the golden Camber Sands and a mere five minutes from the awe-inspiring Kent Coast. Plus, we’re in a fantastic location for cyclists with excitement waiting in every direction. And just like Romney Marsh, our activities – whether it’s bushcraft, local walks, or even welly wanging – come together to create an abundance of choice for anyone looking for a break which embraces the exquisite majesty of nature. 

A fantastic option for families

Something that we pride ourselves on at Fallow Fields is that the vast majority of what we offer is suitable for guests of all ages. It’s not just about finding a way to reconnect with nature, but also a place to reconnect with each other, too. Specifically how you choose to do this is down to how you like to have fun. It could be a game of giant chess, or swingball, or tucking into some popcorn with the family films we show every Saturday. 

Off the campsite, there’s an ever greater number of family-friendly activities. These include adventure parks, picnic sites, and playgrounds. Or, you could just go for a walk and embrace your surroundings. We want everyone to be able to have a great time together, and in and out of camp, you’ll find plenty of ways to do exactly that. 

An array of ways to relax 

Something we love about being tucked away in this magical slice of English countryside is there’s the opportunity to do as much, or as little, as you feel like. The selection of activities is vast, allowing for everyone to choose how best to enjoy their break. And while some will want to be very active, others prefer a little more of a balance to help them unwind. We can assure you that here at Fallow Fields, we’re just as capable of providing both experiences. 

Our Field Kitchen, for instance, provides an easy way of enjoying delicious food without any hassle. And we have quiet times between 10.30 pm and 7.30 am purely so everyone gets the chance to unwind in peace. These options are broadened by our location as a Romney Marsh campsite. You could gently explore the nearby town of Folkestone, or enjoy a drink at one of the many gorgeous pubs in the area, just as easily as you could find an activity to get your heart racing. 

Tons of historical depth 

Here at Fallow Fields, it can feel as though you’re seductively lost in a place that’s set apart from the rest of the world – such is the beauty of our campsite and location. However, we’re not in the middle of nowhere. In fact, there’s plenty of locations nearby in the town of Sandwich and Kent that are positively overflowing with history and character. 

Campsites in Romney Marsh, Kent have the good fortune of being just a short distance from the likes of Dover Castle, the Fan Bay Deep Shelter, and the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, as just a few examples. You needn’t be an expert to appreciate the beauty and significance of these attractions. Plus, they can only serve to give you something to reflect upon back in camp. 

So much in such a short distance 

Not absolutely everything we’ve discussed on this page is a short walk away but we think you’ll be amazed at just how close by and easy it is to get to the overwhelming majority of things to do near our Romney Marsh campsite. 

Within a five-mile radius, there are dozens of attractions, including the stunning Dymchurch seafront and amazing historical sites like Lympne Castle. Put simply, you can enjoy your entire vacation without getting back into your car if you don’t want to. But if you do decide to get behind a wheel, most of Kent is beneath your peddle within the hour. 

Choose your own adventure at Fallow Fields

Camping in Romney Marsh allows for such a broad spectrum of experiences suitable for all kinds of preferences, ages, and interests. Assuming you have a hearty love of nature, we think anyone can find an ideal vacation to suit them. Be active, unwind, try new things, indulge in your hobbies – however you create memories, our camp and its surroundings have everything you need. 

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