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Campsite near Thanet

Whether you’re looking to unwind or enjoy some active time outdoors, we do everything we can to provide as complete a getaway as possible here at Fallow Fields. This includes everything from wood fired pizzas to bush craft lessons. Put simply, if we think it will enhance your stay, we’ll do what we can to make it happen. 

We can't, however, offer you absolutely everything. For instance, our site can’t hold miles of beaches, underground caves, or the character of a bustling town, crafted over centuries of unique history. That’s why having Thanet so close by is so important to us. Camping near Thanet means we can provide everything you need in camp, while a short while away, there’s whole other realms of possibilities to discover. 

How far is Fallow Fields from Thanet? 

We don’t have campsites in Thanet, Kent but we’re within a short driving distance away. It’s a little over 12 miles from our Selson Farm camp to the main Thanet district. 

On average, this should take you around 20 to 25 minutes to get to. This might be a little longer or a little less depending on the specific part of Thanet you’re looking to explore. For instance, Margate is around 13.5 miles from us and takes closer to half an hour. Getting there via cycling is possible if you like long distance rides, but would likely take over an hour. 

It’s also possible to get to the Thanet district from our camp at Lathe Barn – although this would take you closer to an hour, as it’s a little over 35 miles from us. This is considerably more and we would recommend you make your booking at Selson Farm if you're interested in campsites near Thanet. Regardless, being able to access the area within an hour from either camp means we can recommend the journey to all our visitors. 

Being near Thanet provides us with even more unforgettable experiences 

In truth, we couldn’t realistically showcase everything that camping near Thanet can offer you. It’s an enormous and ever-expanding list of experiences and activities. So much so that one person enjoying campsites in Thanet, Kent or nearby like Selson Farm, will likely have a totally unique experience to someone else visiting. That said, there are some particulars we think everyone can look forward to. 

A trio of amazing towns 

Thanet is more than the sum of its parts. Found on the north eastern top end of Kent, it’s not only bordered by the spell-binding City of Canterbury, but three main towns in Margate, Ramsgate, and Broadstairs. 

Each of these areas is worthy of not just a page of its own but an entire travel guide. So, all we’ll say then is whether it’s the heady nostalgia of the Hornby Visitor Centre in Margate, the seaside classic Viking Bay at Broadstairs, or the Micro Museum in Ramsgate, there’s always something new to discover within a stone’s throw of Thanet. 

The chance to see inside history 

For all the many individual points of interest, you can whittle down the historical attractions in Thanet into two categories. One is the likes of the Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum and the Powell-Cotton museum, which will educate and fascinate visitors for years to come. 

Then, there’s the places where you can physically go and see history up close, in the likes of the Ramsgate Tunnels, the Margate Caves, and The Shell Grotto. At Fallow Fields, being lucky enough to have campsites in Thanet (or close by) means we have some amazing history on our doorstep. 

Spectacular seaside adventures 

We’re immensely proud that our campsites allow people to experience this amazing environment. And if our luscious greens just gave you a wanderlust for even more all-natural magic, then the beaches will surely call to you whenever the weather permits. 

It could be the surftactular Joss Bay, the mesmerising white cliffs of Botany Bay, or the Margate Main Sands for that classic British summer. There can be no doubt that few breaks are as versatile for beach lovers as camping Thanet trips.

A truly great walk 

We’re great believers in the simple things here at Fallow Fields, and the ability for a day to day experience to be elevated to spectacular heights when given the right environment. For example, the daily walk is no longer so humble when embracing the beauties of the Ramsgate Royal Harbour & Marina, or discovering the magic of Margate Old Town. It’s also a fantastic location for cycling. 

Fun for all the family 

For all of the variety found in Thanet, the majority of the activities discussed above and beyond have one thing in common: they’re open to pretty much everyone. That’s right, not only is there so much to do but broadly, they’re also suitable for most ages. 

This means that if you’re looking forward to your stay with us providing quality time for your family, then camping near Thanet can only expand your options. 

Camping near Thanet is a win-win situation 

We think that part of what makes us special is that we really embrace our surroundings. It’s what makes our camps so spectacular. We do everything we can to keep our guests comfortable and cater for their needs without sacrificing the natural assets that make our locations so wonderful in the first place. 

On a similar note, campsites in Thanet and nearby should always encourage their visitors to seek out adventures beyond camp if they want to. Camping near Thanet simply means more opportunities to have the break you want – and that can only be a good thing. 

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