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Camping Near Canterbury with Fallow Fields

One reason we love our location at Fallow Fields is that you’re only around a half an hour’s drive away from your very own Canterbury tales. The enchanting, historic city of Canterbury is well worth the journey. Considering the green waves of beautiful Kentish countryside which await your crossing as you head towards those winding cobbled streets, it’s a case of the journey being just as memorable and majestic as Canterbury itself.

You might be surprised to hear us say that Canterbury represents an experience comparable to the luscious green gorgeous views we’re blessed to be surrounded with. But that just goes to show how special this city truly is. If you were merely to walk the streets of Canterbury, and take in the architecture, history and ambience of a little carved corner of England - without seeing a single tourist attraction or popping into a single shop - we still think you would come back to our campsite feeling richer in spirit for having done so.

It is, of course, quite different from the awe-inspiring beauty of our natural surroundings. But to us, not only does camping near Canterbury provide you with two quite distinct experiences, but ones which compliment each other. So much about what makes camping with us special is that feeling of exploration and setting off on a voyage of discovery. That’s true whether it’s a beautiful historical building or the rustic delights of the countryside. These experiences enhance each other, allowing you to enjoy a truly diverse buffet of beautiful British sights and experiences.

So, what experiences does Canterbury have to offer? Well, considering this is a cathedral city, visiting the world famous Canterbury Cathedral may seem obvious. But when you gaze upon this World Heritage Site’s epic gothic architecture, you’ll realise that a trip to the city without seeing it feels very much like camping without the ability to start a fire: still lovely, but with a little warmth missing.

Plus, history buffs have so much to enjoy here, as they do in so many parts of Canterrbury. But even if this significance of the tomb of the black prince isn’t your passion, it’s hard to imagine anyone not being blown away by the sheer visceral impact of one of England’s most beautiful buildings. There’s also St Augustine’s Abbey ,Christ Church Gate and the Kent Museum of Masonry, to give a few more examples of things history buffs and fans of all things interesting might want to check out.

You can further satisfy your cultural appetites with the fantastic Marlowe Theatre, known for housing some shows as epic as its grandest architecture. There’s also Howlett's Wild Animal Park for when you want to swap majestic architecture for mighty animals, and St Lawrence Grounds, for when you want to watch a wicket or two. Of course, there’s all the amazing shops, pubs, restaurants and all the things which bind all the bigger attractions together and make Canterbury the all around splendid place it is.

Finally, there’s the likes of the lovely Westgate and Dane John Gardens, where a camper's love of nature and the distinctive individualism of this city come together. We felt this was a fitting place to end our exploration of camping near Canterbury, because in many of the other areas of this historic cathedral city, it can be hard to imagine that you really are camping a mere half an hour away.

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