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Campsite near Broadstairs

We think if you were to ask many of the people we’ve welcomed to our campsite what they imagine when they think of the most beautiful sights in England, many would come up with the same images. One would likely be the beautiful green waves of the stunning British countryside, the smell of a campfire, the fruit hanging delicately from a tree. And if they don’t, then we certainly hope a trip to Fallow Fields will soon change their mind.

Another thing that often comes to people’s minds is the great British seaside. Crisp sands, the smell of fish and chips and candy floss mixed in with that distinctive coastal air. Of course, we can’t fit a beach into our campsite. We wouldn’t have space for our luxury bell tents or activities if we did! Thankfully, we don’t have to because we have some of the country’s finest seaside coastal towns right on our doorstep.

Broadstairs has been a beloved seaside holiday spot since the early 19th century. It’s every bit the quintessential classic British beach destination. It boasts gorgeous bays of sweet golden stands, white cliffs reminiscent of Dover and a favourable climate that’s perfect for having an ice cream while feeling the tide crawl up to your toes. It also stands out as a shimmering example of beach excellence in the UK.

This is especially true for what many consider to be the main event of beach beauties at Broadstairs: the magnificently pristine Viking Bay beach. It’s the kind of place that does what all great nature should, and that’s to inspire. In this case, we mean that quite literally. It happens to be home to Bleak House: the location where Charles Dickens is believed to have written David Copperfield. And that’s just the beginning of the history and culture which makes Broadstairs as a town every bit as special as its cliffs or beaches.

It’s a vibrant, energetic place to go for a bite to eat, a coffee or something a bit stronger if you’re in that sort of mood. You can relax here, or go on an adventure upon its many trails and immense natural icons. Whatever you fancy doing, you can rest easy in the knowledge that because you’re camping near Broadstairs, you’re only a short 25-minute (up to an hour if you’re at Lathe Barn) drive back to the comfort of your tent at Fallow Fields.

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