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Camping near Port Lympne

So much of what we offer here at Fallow Fields – at either of our Lathe Barn or Selson Farm campsites – is the ability to camp and live simply amongst the majesty of the Kent countryside. But that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do.

We have an amazing number of activities available in camp, from outdoor yoga to woodland crafts and plenty more in between. Plus, both camps are near all kinds of fantastic locations and activities. But even with all of this, we think the enormity of what’s available when camping near Port Lympne – Kent’s largest animal sanctuary – still has the power to surprise and amaze.

What exactly do we mean by Port Lympne?

There’s a little bit of confusion surrounding what is meant by Port Lympne, as it goes by a few different names. It’s known as both Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve. This is also often shortened to Port Lympne Reserve. It includes the Grade-II listed building of Port Lympne Mansion.

Put it this way, Port Lympne by any name refers to the same 600 acres of land, and it’s best known as a wild animal reserve – the largest in this part of the country. That’s why during this page, we’ll simply be referring to it as Port Lympne to avoid confusion. So, keep these facts in mind if planning a trip to the reserve.

It’s part of Lympne, a village in Romney Marsh, Kent. However, the village stretches from Port Lympne to Newingreen and if you read any information which uses these terms interchangeably, they are mistaken. That said, campsites near Port Lympne would also be situated near the village of Lympne.

How far is it to Port Lympne from Fallow Fields?

Those lucky enough to be camping at Port Lympne are able to enjoy everything this incredible site has to offer – especially if you’re staying at our Lathe Barn camp. It’s around four miles away, meaning you could easily drive there in a little over 10 minutes. 

It wouldn’t even be out of the question to walk or cycle there. The latter takes about half an hour and the former some time over an hour, depending on your pace. However, we’d advise that Port Lympne can be a very active day in itself, so it’s worth taking that into account. Public transport to this area is also a little tricky and can take upwards of an hour and a half.

At a little under 25 miles away, it’s still possible to enjoy the animal sanctuary from our Selson Farm site. It’s somewhere between 38 to 50 minutes away if you’re driving.

Port Lympne: An amazing oasis of animal conservation

A true bucket list item for wildlife enthusiasts, Port Lympne offers an enchanting and educational experience with over 900 animals across 75 species. When camping near Port Lympne, you’re not just close to an unforgettable experience, but to a place of preservation for some of the world’s most endangered animals. 

The likes of western lowland gorillas (of which there are only 100,000 left in the world), Kent’s only bespectacled bears, and barbary lions (extinct in the wild since the 1940s) all find sanctuary in Port Lympne’s 600 acres. So, not only will you be able to observe some of nature’s most fascinating creatures – whether they’re red pandas, rusty spotted cats, or dozens of other critters – but you’ll also be able to do so knowing that your ticket money is going to a good cause. 

For instance, they’ve helped release more than 70 gorillas back into the wild and have transferred eight black rhinos back to Africa, as just a small example of their conservation work. Considering an adult ticket, including a 10% donation, is only around £30, we’d say they’re more than worth the money. And with our campsite near Port Lympne being around four miles away, it could hardly be easier to get to.

Fallow Fields and Port Lympne are a perfect match for nature lovers

We’re so proud of all the things we offer at both of our camps – whether it’s our gorgeous new kitchen and bar or our variety of accommodation options. 

That said, what we do is always there to enhance rather than obscure the amazing natural assets that surround us. We know that we’re lucky to call this beautiful place home and to be able to open it up to others. And camping near Port Lympne allows us to provide you with an amazing break which makes the most of everything in the area. 

That just so happens to include the largest wildlife sanctuary in Kent – an unforgettable experience that’s suitable for all the family. Considering it’s only 10 minutes away, we’re happy to give them our heartiest of recommendations. 

We also think we’re a fantastic option for anyone looking for somewhere to stay specifically for the purpose of being near the reserve. We may not be camping at Port Lympne, but we’re close and we also have plenty more amazing adventures for you to check out.

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