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Camping in North Kent

Imagine a break that allows you to essentially custom-make the ideal holiday for you. It's suitable for individuals, couples, families, people of all ages. You’ll have so much to choose from that it’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by their location. That’s what camping in North Kent is all about. 

The only issue with it offering so much is that it’s tough to know where to begin when carving your own escapade. Well, at Fallow Fields, we’re about helping everyone that stays with us have the best time possible. So, here’s how to make the most of the wonderful locations nearby. 

How far is Fallow Fields from North Kent? 

Firstly, we wouldn’t consider Lathe Barn to be in North Kent, whereas Selson Farm is much more northerly. Therefore, Selson Farm is the best choice for anyone looking to make the most of all camping in North Kent has to offer. 

In terms of distances, from Selson Farm, you’re already in North Kent. Beyond that, it really depends on where you’re going. We’ll give you a rough idea of distances on this page, so you can plan your journeys accordingly. 

Camping in North Kent: Best for all kinds of vacations 

The sheer magnitude of wonderful sights, sounds, and experiences in Kent means that planning a trip is a bit like trying to chew down on a huge slice of deliciousness in one go. You’ll find it much more manageable when broken up into bite-sized chunks. 

That’s exactly what we’re going to do here. Three key things that people look for when camping at Fallow Fields is to get back in touch with nature, to embrace the local history of the area, and to generally just have fun, often as a family. North Kent is fantastic for all these things. Here, we’re going to give you three examples of each type of adventure.

Best for nature lovers

Elmley Nature Reserve: A diverse and vast spectacle (42.3 miles)

If you fancy going right up to the tippity-top of North Kent, then Elmley Nature Reserve is well worth the hour-long journey across the M2 and A2. A vast collection of wetland and marshes, this is a haven for wildlife and is a truly amazing avian spectacle for birdwatchers. 

Botany Bay: Iconic coastal location (14.4 miles)

Also up towards the upper edges of Kent is the astounding Botany Bay near Broadstairs – which is a little over half an hour away via the Sandwich Bypass. It’s a prime example of the white cliffs and golden sands which helps elevate this part of the country to somewhere truly special. 

Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest: Magical woodland adventures (50 miles) 

Located near Goudhurst, the Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest is the ultimate location for anyone spellbound by woodland. It features an immense collection of coniferous trees from all around the world, creating a stunning smorgasbord of trees and flora. An amazing achievement and natural haven, it can be discovered in a touch beyond an hour and 20 minutes by the A252. 

Best for history buffs

Faversham: A quaint English delight (26.7 miles)

We don’t think it could be a complete camping North Kent experience without a visit to one of its historic market towns. None fit the bill any better than the magnificent Faversham, located around a 45-minute drive via the A1 from Selson Farm. 

Full of charm and architectural heritage, such as Guildhall and Market Place, it’s ideal for a relaxing stroll and to learn a little something. You can even check out Britain’s oldest brewery, Shepherd Neame, to help quench your historical thirst. 

Chatham Historic Dockyard: Education and memory-making maritime experience (51.9 miles)

It might be a little over an hour away across the M2, but if you love history, it’s well worth considering a day out at the historic Dockyard Chatham. A stunning reflection of North Kent’s maritime past, you can bask in the seafaring culture that once thrived here, thanks to a huge collection of warships and artefacts. 

Richborough Roman Fort: Ancient excitement mere miles down the road (5.6 miles)

In a mere 14 minutes when you travel across Richborough Road, you can find yourself in Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre. This is a fascinating archaeological site that dates all the way back to Roman times. Vital as a military and trading hub, you can explore the remains of both the fort and amphitheatre to get a glimpse into a long gone but not forgotten culture. 

Best for fun-filled days

Margate Main Sands: Generations of beachgoers can’t be wrong (13.4 miles)

For a family day of fun out on the beach, there’s really no beating the sensational Margate Main Sands – which is under half an hours drive from Selson Farm. It's been popular for generations, and with lots of cafes and amusement arcades to complement its sandy shoreline and clear waters, it’s easy to see why.

Dreamland Margate: Classic amusement park a stone’s throw from the beach (12.9 miles)

A mere half a mile away from the Margate Main Sands – meaning you could make a day of it if you fancy – are the classic British funfair thrills of Dreamland Margate. It’s both a look into so many holidays gone by and also tons of fun right now, with an abundance of shows and classic rides – from the waltzers to the ghost train. If nothing else, Dreamland Margate is proof that some things never go out of style. 

Kent Life Heritage Farm Park: A jewel in Maidstone’s country crown (42.1 miles)

With a drive of about 51 minutes if you take the M2 and A2, this may be a longer stretch away than some of our other recommended family-friendly activities. That said, it’s one which beautifully melds the natural wonders and fun factor which makes North Kent camping such a treat. 

This is a celebration of the country’s rural heritage, where families can enjoy hands-on experience with farm animals, tractors, and interactive exhibits. It’s especially great during Easter and Halloween, when themed activities further highlight a wonderful location. 

Do note, the mileage and times are estimates based on the best routes from our Selson Farm site when travelling by car. 

Conclusion: North Kent is an amazing break for everyone 

It’s important to say that when we talk about the best days out above, we’re still only scratching the surface. Really, North Kent camping has so much to offer that we could have selected nine completely different examples worthy of being considered among the finest activities for all kinds of holiday goers. That’s the magic of North Kent – everyone can come here and have a break that is personally curated to them, such is the magnitude of beauty and variety on offer here. 

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