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Camping Near Dungeness

Found a little over 20 minutes from our Lathe Barn campsite – and about an hour away from Selson Farm – Dungeness is the kind of all natural wonderland that makes us here a Fallow Fields positively giddy with excitement. Why all this enthusiasm? Well, while there are many lifetimes’ worth of immense natural beauties on our camps and surrounding them, few could be considered to be as important or as awe-inspiring as Dungeness. It’s home to one of the largest expanses of shingle beach on the whole continent.

There’s no doubt this makes it quite different from the sandy beaches that many people imagine when they think of the Kent Coast. And we love those places as well. We adore the sand dunes, the sporting activities, the peace and serenity provided. However, Dungeness Beach is like a whole other world. There’s a wilderness here: an otherworldliness which you have to experience to really understand. Our words can try to convey how special it is, but it’s important that you understand this is something that needs to truly be experienced.  You have to breathe it.

The wonderful thing about camping near Dungeness is that you are also in close proximity to loads of other different kinds of beaches nearby. Camber Sands, for instance, is probably the most appropriately distinct example in this part of the country. Follow the coast around a little further, it’s about a 10-mile journey away (depending on where in Dungeness you are) and you go from shingle to sand. That means that Dungeness' distinctive charms don’t require you to choose between the two. You really can get the best of both beach worlds when camping near Dungeness, from the adventurous to the relaxing.

Being one of the biggest beaches of its kind, of course, makes that the main event for many, but it’s far from all that Dungeness has to offer. It didn’t become an area for international conservation just because of the unique ambience of its beach. It’s a place of great natural importance, with hundreds of types of plants calling this home. In fact, this stretch of land is believed to hold around a third of all known plant species in the UK.

This makes it a truly amazing place for fans of all things flora and fauna, as it’s also home to interesting wildlife, unusual birds and insects, alongside migratory birds. This, along with its place as a popular fishing destination, makes it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. If you want to see or feel something new – whether it’s a plant you’ve never seen or an atmosphere like no other – camping near Dungeness with Fallow Fields offers you that opportunity.

It also happens to be a rather fabulous place to get some fish and chips, perhaps while checking out that iconic Old Lighthouse. It’s good to know that even in one of the more surreal yet captivating beaches around, some things never change.

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