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Camping Near Sandwich

Is there a greater example of a quintessential English town than Sandwich? It is hard to think of a town better able to conjure up idyllic moments of the English countryside, as does this superb civil parish.

Sandwich provides us with the kind of historic town you could happily fit on a classic chocolate box or relaxing jigsaw puzzle. But Sandwich is much more than just good looks and a picture perfect place for a picnic or walk. Although, it’s very much an excellent place to enjoy all that – and we suppose considering the many lovely places to have lunch here, it must be one of the most aptly named towns in Britain. But more so, it’s a place of great depth, and camping near Sandwich can open up a whole other world in which to escape.

For instance, that unusual name has origins back to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Domesday book. That means there’s a fair millennium plus of history here. This, of course, makes it an absolute wonderland for history buffs. We know that many of our visitors have a passion for all things beautiful and interesting, and many of the architectural highlights of Sandwich certainly fit the bill.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy Sandwich, though. Some really amazing historic sites include the Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre, St Clement’s Church and The Fisher Gate. These are as exciting on a sensory level as they are intellectually interesting. If you do want to learn even more about this amazing historic town, to provide some extra context to your enchanting surroundings, the likes of The Guildhall Museum make for really illuminating discoveries.

There’s also great natural assets that we just know our visitors will love, from boat tours to the low tides of Sandwich Bay beach. It’s a place beloved by cyclists, golfers and even bird watchers will find themselves at home here, thanks to the likes of the Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory.

Of course, there’s just the simple joys of the town itself, the people who live there, the different shops, the local pubs and the sense of a distinctive local identity. This is in keeping with the individuality you’ll find throughout Kent, but is one which is very much its own, forged through centuries of history.

Camping near Sandwich from Selson Farm means you’re about 10 minutes away (it will take you around 45 minutes from Lathe Barn) from somewhere that feels like a completely different world, while maintaining that love of nature, local pride and passion for history which makes this part of the country all kinds of wonderful in every direction.

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