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Camping near Deal

It really is fabulous that the town of Deal is less than 20-minute drive away from Selson Farm.   While both have beauty and charm in spades in our humble opinion, we don’t think there can be much doubt that they have very distinctive allures. So much so that it may be hard to imagine, after spending an hour or two amongst the delights of this town, that you really are camping near Deal and that a warm campfire and luxury tent is just a short journey away.

For starters, Deal has been a beloved seaside resort now for generations. Deal beach and pier are wonderful additions to the glorious Kent coastline – even if the stone beach may mean that spadeful of charm won’t be used for making sandcastles. Nonetheless, it’s a beautifully maintained, pristine beach with fabulous sea views, reasonably calm waters and plenty of places to sit back and relax.

Plus, it doesn’t tend to get as busy as some of the more famous coastal spots around this part of the country. That means it’s ideal for those who don’t like any interruptions to the sound of the sea breeze. And while we’re certainly happy to enjoy the crashing waves in a serene setting, we do think that people are missing out by not checking out Deal’s unique appeal.

It’s a distinctive unique spot: one with an individuality that comes from a fascinating history. It’s one which has seen Julius Caesar first arrive on these shores, and it played a vital role as a marine depot following the French revolution, as well as providing so many families with happy holiday memories. The romanticism of its shores collides with history too in the world of literature, with Deal having inspired or having served as a location for many classic pieces of literature. These include everything from Dickens’ Bleak House to Jane Austen’s Persuasion, for anyone doubting its inspirational credentials.

You could say that Deal is very much like the sea: as dramatic as raging waves in some ways, while being calm and tranquil enough for a fun day for all the family. And camping near Deal doesn’t just give you close access to all the exquisite joys of its coast, but also its culture. All those centuries of stories didn’t just get taken away with the tides, but can be felt in every brick of this unique town.

You can enjoy the Deal Maritime and Local History Museum to learn more about this part of the coast and it’s vital place in British history. Or  you can check out the much loved Astor Theatre, a fabulous venue for local productions. Actually, you might want to visit the likes of Sandown Castle Community Garden or Betteshanger Park, somewhere green and gorgeous just to remind yourself you really are camping near Deal – only 20 minutes away from your campsite – before heading off on your adventure.

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