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Camping near Wingham

The serene, quaint village of Wingham is a delightful slice of Kentish heaven to find on our doorstep. Indeed, you may discover that the natural and architectural charms mesh so perfectly with the rural bliss of our campsites that they must have been dropped nearby as some kind of cosmic gift.  

The truth, however, is that it’s just good fortune for both us and our guests. But even somewhere as straightforwardly charming as Wingham can be improved with a little understanding of what’s available, and how to get there. Camping near Wingham can provide all kinds of new adventures, and here’s everything you need to discover one for your ideal break. 

How far is Fallow Fields from Wingham? 

We have two campsites: Lathe Barn and Selson Farm. The latter is considerably closer to Wingham than the former. In fact, you can drive into Wingham in just over 10 minutes. Depending on your route, it’s between 4.5 and 6.1 miles away. You could be there faster than it takes to read this page. 

It’s so accessible, in fact, that it’s also an ideal visiting spot for those who don’t wish to drive. When camping near Wingham, you can make your way into the village in under an hour by public transport and under half an hour if you’re cycling. 

We’d have to advise taking a car if you were staying at our Lathe Barn campsite, as the distance is around 25 miles. This would likely take you between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on traffic while driving 

Reasons to make your way to Wingham 

The great thing about Wingham being so close by is we can recommend it to pretty much everyone. You don’t exactly need to be driven by a great wanderlust to check out something that’s down the road. When you consider the small effort required – and all it has to offer – a visit to Wingham becomes an easy choice, especially if you’re staying at Selson Farm. 

To get you going, here are a few examples of why Wingham is worth the small trip. 

1. An easy introduction to the local surroundings

We’re blessed to be near all kinds of fantastic areas, with their own historical and natural wonders and a whole heap of different experiences. Each place has its own personality, which is true whether we’re talking and Wingham, Wickhambreaux, or Littlebourne, just as a small example of local areas. 

The relaxing yet warm welcome of Wingham being so close provides the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into expanding your Fallow Fields experience to include the many local delights – all in an easy, stress-free way. 

2. Relax in a picturesque village 

Whether it’s lighting a fire or building a den, we’re all about embracing the joys of the simple things here at Fallow Fields. Camping near Wingham expands our ability to offer exactly that because right down the road, we’ve got one of the most stunningly charming villages you’ll find outside of a chocolate box. 

Check out the scarecrows near The Old Watchmaker’s Cottage and enjoy the unique architecture of the Oast House and St Mary’s Church to see what we mean. There’s nothing complicated about what’s an offer – just a gorgeous place to unwind from the stresses of daily life. It’s what we offer in our camp and what you can find in the lovely Wingham as well. 

3. Experience Wingham Wildlife Park  

From reading the above, you’ll probably get the impression that while there’s plenty to enjoy in Wingham, it’s not the kind of location with a great deal of large tourist attractions. There’s no Times Square – and it’s all the better for it. 

That’s largely true but Wingham WIldlife Park does attract people from all over the country. You can say hello to the likes of red pandas, moon bears, meerkats and much more in person. They even have a Dinosaur Zoo complete with life-sized models to educate and enthral. 

4. Enjoy an unforgettable cycling trip 

If you’re staying with us at Selson Farm, you could cycle into Wingham within half an hour. Not only that but as it’s a pretty straight and simple path, it makes for an uncomplicated and relaxing trip – and a great way of getting acquainted with cycling in the local area due to its simplicity and proximity. 

Plus, if you’re on your bike and decide you want to explore further, you’re already out and about and close enough to camp to make whatever day of it you please. 

5. It’s a great place to stop on your way to Canterbury City 

Remember that when you’re camping near Wingham, you’re also nearby to several other spectacular locations. For instance, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canterbury City is an absolute must visit for its amazing architecture, tranquil gardens, theatres, museums, pubs and more. 

We cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone in this part of the country. And Wingham just so happens to be on the way there from our Selson Farm campsite – about 10 minutes to a half an hour journey (by car). You can easily make Wingham part of your journey to Canterbury City for a more comprehensive exploration of the local area. 

Camping near Wingham provides the perfect appetiser 

While Wingham isn’t the most attraction-heavy area near our camps, we think that its simple allure can only serve to enhance your camp experience. It can provide beautiful scenery, a day out amongst nature, and a fantastic place to cycle, either as your main destination or as part of a wider journey. Think of it like an appetiser course that makes your time in the Kent countryside even more delicious. 

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