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Camping near Botany Bay

Here at Fallow Fields, we’re all about falling back in love with nature and enjoying experiences you can cherish long after you’ve left our luscious Kent countryside behind you.

This is a beach believed to be the most photographed in the UK, as so many people want to take the memories of its crisp sandy beaches and short chalky cliffs with them. In fact, it’s not just visitors who want to capture Botany Bay’s unique charms. It has become a much loved film location. Cinema fans can come along and check out the real life spot for several huge productions. That last point isn’t much of a surprise, because so much of what makes Botany Bay an ideal spot for a dramatic cinema is also why we love it so much.

It has, despite its immense popularity, remained unspoiled by overdevelopment. So, if you’re looking for a beach which has remained exactly that and hasn’t been overrun by surrounding building developments, then this could be ideal. Sure, there’s plenty of places near and indeed surrounding Botany Bay if you want somewhere to go for a quiet drink or to enjoy a bite to eat, but that's not the focus here. Indeed, it’s not just that you’re camping near Botany Bay but also that it’s a location that, just like Fallow Fields, puts the joys of nature first.

This is somewhere to go swimming, kayaking and surfing, to become immersed in its coves, to feel the sand beneath your feet. It’s not an entirely unmodern spot, though. Vitally, there are lifeguards and toilet facilities as well as some nearby places like fish and chip spots to make sure you don’t go without. But it appears to be understood that the essence of why people come here is to get away from it all and bask in the peace and serenity of nature.

Just avoid peak times if you want to really get lost in the sweet sounds of the coastline. It will come as little surprise to you that Botany Bay’s beauty has quite a few admirers, making this a popular tourist destination.

And that’s not all. When you’re camping near Botany Bay, you’re also, by extension, close to the many other amazing beach areas nearby, including Kingsgate Bay, Viking Bay, Joss Bay and more. You could enjoy a whole day of beach exploration if you felt like it, adventuring through the local towns and caves. That said, if you only spent your time luxuriating in the natural opulence of Botany Bay, we’d still consider that a pretty great day out.

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