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Our Campsite Near Ashford

Ashford is actually a little further away from our Selson Farm campsite than many of the wonderful locations we recommend to our visitors looking to explore East Kent. Many of these may take 20 minutes or half an hour drive to get there. Camping near Ashford means you have about 45 minutes by car, or a 40-minute train journey from Sandwich if you want to double your explorations.

Is it worth those extra few minutes considering all the other amazing places to explore nearby? Our answer, absolutely it is. Actually, it’s only 25 minutes or so away if you happen to be staying at our Lathe Barn campsite, but the point is, it’s a worthwhile journey regardless. Why? Well, the more pressing question might be where to start.

We suppose since our visitors tend to be interested in all things green and glorious, the likes of Conningbrook Lakes Country Park and Victoria Park might be the perfect place to begin your adventure. These are ideal spaces for when you just want to stretch your legs in the great outdoors. They’re a fun day out for all the family, with plenty of fauna, lakes, places to cycle, or to just go for a wander enjoying nature and the local culture. Quite often – such is the case with the spectacular and historic Godinton House and Gardens – those things combine.

That’s far from the only treat in store for history buffs in Ashford. You can learn more about the area at Ashford Borough Museum. Or, if you like your exploration of the area to be a little less academic and a little more sensory, you can check out the many stunning architectural points of interest, such as the historic church buildings which help add character to Ashford. One particularly unique historic site is the WWI tank found in town. Not only is it rather spectacular but also ties in with the proud military heritage of Ashford, as do the stunningly kept Memorial Gardens.

Ashford is also a great place to go shopping – with over 90 boutiques at Ashford Designer Outlet – and to go for a spot lunch at the many lovely local eateries, or a drink or two. Speaking of which, there’s even the likes of the Rough Old Wife Cidery and The Curious Brewery. These are ideal for those who, as the name would suggest, are curious about how that fizzy stuff in your glass came to be. Naturally, you can’t get much fresher beer than that, so you may as well try some.

It’s a broad spectrum of experiences, no doubt, when camping near Ashford. As we’re all about providing people with memories here at Fallow Fields, it’s a place we can’t recommend highly enough.

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