Our Top Tips

Here at Fallow Fields we love camping just as much as you do. So we’ve compiled a few idea’s to help you make your holiday with us that little bit extra special.
Find the perfect pitch – a sheltered spot with late evening sun and early morning shade is always a winner, so check where the sun sets & rises. The flatter the better, but if on a slight slope lie on the ground before pitching to work out where to pitch your bedroom so your head is uphill.
Keep food chilled – freeze milk & meat before you set off to keep it cold for longer. We are also happy to freeze your ice blocks. Best to do it overnight when it gets cooler so then they are ready to keep food cold during the day.
The perfect beer & wine cooler – buy a few cheap supermarket cool bags, pop in your drinks, fill with ice (we sell it in the camp shop) & top up with a bit of water.
Keep warm when the sun goes down – we think a campfire it a must, but for those extra chilly nights, hot chocolate with a shot (or two) of brandy keeps you warm from the inside out.
A communal camp kitchen – when camping with friends it can get a bit tricky, who cooks for who, pans, crockery, washing up etc. bring a gazebo, pool everything, just make sure you take your turn and remember to take your own stuff home.
A good night sleep – self inflating camping mats are a winner vs airbeds any day. Also pack ear plugs, you never know who will pitch up next to you and someone snoring in the next text can feel like they’re in bed with you. A (very attractive) eye mask is also a smart move when the sun rises at 4.30am.
Crocs and socks – really not attractive and should be banned, but amazing when camping, especially when it’s not that warm and you have shoes off in the tent rule.
One pot cooking – make sure you have a decent sized pan and a few simple one pot recipes up your sleeve; makes life easy and saves on the washing up!
Campfire treats – toasted marshmallows between two chocolate digestives makes for the ultimate treat for both big and small kids. Have a few big chocolate bars on standby, perfect passed round the campfire with red wine.
Get the kids breakfasts sorted – the really smart move when they get a bit older is to layout the breakfast stuff before you go to bed, so when hungry tummies call you don’t have to rush up. Or if that’s just too organised, you can buy your breakfast from us and save on the hassle and washing up!
Personalise your tents – bunting and fairy lights make a real difference to the ambience, and also make it easy to find your tent after a trip to the loo in the dark.
Head torches are actually smart – we laughed when a friend first turned up with a head torch, the next trip we all had them…. Just find them and put them on before it gets dark!

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