Campfire recipes

Campfire burritos or campurritos!


Can be made in advance and great for dinner or breakfast, just wrap up your favourite fillings and wrap in tinfoil and trow on the BBQ or even the embers of a campfire. Some of our favourite fillings are:

  • Eggs, sausage meat, spring onions, cheese and potato
  • Choritzo, scrambled egg, cheese, salsa, guacamole and coriander
  • Rice, refried beans, tomatoes and spring onion

Of course add seasoning and herbs as you like to the above or create your own!


Of course the BBQ has to feature, and why do I need a recipe you say, but we think these are some alternatives to the standard burgers and sausages on the grill!

  • Spatchcock chicken, not sure how to do this, ask your local butcher to do it for you and they might even add a nice marinade! It’s a great way of cooking a whole chicken and the meat is really succulent!
  • Halloumi or “squeaky cheese”, great BBQ’ed but why stop there, add to some rocket and crushed peas, with a little lemon juice and hey presto a great easy salad to accompany all that meat!

Halloumi and peas

  • Chilli prawns. At Fallow Fields we are close to the sea and there are some great local fish mongers in Whitstable, Deal and Sandwich. Make the most of some our local delicacies and add to the BBQ



Ah, the campfire addition from our American friends, but what makes every kid (and many an adult) happy around a campfire! Simply sandwich a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between 2 digestives, or if you want to be really indulgent chocolate digestives and squidge together and eat. The warm marshmallow should melt the chocolate. Yum!

Ham & cheese breakfast croissants     

Why limit yourself to dinner or lunch on the BBQ or over the fire? A fire is a great way to cook lots of dishes, wrap vegetables, meat or fish in tinfoil (shiny side in) and drop into the embers and wait to slowly bake. An easy breakfast alternative is ham & cheese croissants.

ham & cheese croissant

Simply slice a croissant in half, spread a little Dijon mustard (don’t have to add this if you don’t like it), add some slices of ham and a nice melting cheese, like cheddar, edam or gruyere, wrap in tinfoil and pop on the BBQ or into the fire for about 10 minutes. Unwrap and Enjoy!

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