Why are Camp Fires So Appealing?


Have you ever wondered what it is about sitting around a camp fire that makes it so appealing? What is it that gets us past the smoke getting in our eyes, or the smell of campfires that lingers on our clothes and makes us compelled to continue warming ourselves by the fire? Is it just to keep warm? Or is there more to this?

According to several studies, our relaxation around a fire is an evolutionary adaption. Early humans who learned to be sociable during fireside interactions (life before Netflix clearly…) were as a result, more successful, giving them a survival advantage. Fast forward the odd million years, and the distinctive sound of a crackling fire has been shown to reduce blood pressure, even without the daily grind of dragging our dinner back through the valleys and across the hills.
So, that’s it then. Camp fires are an ESSENTIAL part of camping, which is why we LOVE a good camp fire at Fallow Fields. We’ve got everything you need to awaken your ‘early human’ – fire pits, logs, kindling and fire lighters. We’ve even got matches if you forget them!

Book now and get your chill time planned in!

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