How to light a camp fire

At Fallow Fields, we feel that camping without a good campfire is just not real camping. However not everyone knows how to make a good fire. In fact after getting a good fire crackling away, we had many a fellow camper ask how to build the perfect fire! So here is goes….

Step 1. Have all the right tools in place:

  • Firepit – This is a must at Fallow Fields, as we cannot have open fires. If you don’t have your own, we can hire one to you.
  • Kindling/ Tinder (paper/small pieces of wood) – available on site
  • Fire lighters
  • Wood – available on site
  • Matches or lighter

Step 2. Build the fire.

This is the good bit for the Dads, they get to feel at one with nature and provide warmth (and maybe food) for their fellow travellers! Typically, it’s the Mums who have the most success!

Step 3. Keep it going

In order to keep a good fire going, it is important to have some varying sizes of wood, smaller pieces are useful if a dwindling fire needs a hand, and larger pieces are great once a fire has really taken.

If the wood you add to a fire are too big then you can kill the fire completely. It is good to have an axe on hand for this purpose to ensure you can keep an established fire going.

Of course once it is going, you can toast marshmallow, make smores or any of our other great campfire recipes!

Step 4. Extinguish.

If you are successful with your campfire and it is still roaring when bedtime comes, it is important not just to leave it blazing away near a lot of canvas and tents, especially if there is a slight breeze in the air… we wouldn’t want any accidents!

The best way to extinguish a fire is to let it burn down naturally, so don’t keep feeding a fire 10 minutes before you intend to head off to bed. Let it dwindle and simply sprinkle a little water over the embers to help it go out, before heading off for a good night’s sleep.

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