Camping, our top tips.


1. Be prepared, like a boy scout!

Whatever the forecast for weather or how much you romanticise about lounging by the tent with a chilled beer/ glass of wine, there is always the possibility of change!

At Fallow Fields we have lots to do on site, with fruit picking, tractor rides, games (indoor and outdoor), colouring and a shop on site, however we cannot recommend enough having your own bag of goodies!

This should include, books, cards, maybe a board game (scrabble is great for older kids and adults) or for younger ones, snakes and ladders is a good staple!).

It’s also a good idea to have lots of snacks on hand; chocolate for around a campfire in the evening is a must if it survives the that long!!

2.Bring a first Aid kit

As much as we hope there are no accidents on site, it is inevitable when kids are out there roaming free and having fun! And of course the adults aren’t super-human!

Some of our top items include…

  • Plasters
  • Antiseptic cream or spray
  • Anti-histamine
  • Bug spray
  • Calpol or paracetamol/ Ibuprofen
  • And of course be prepared with sun cream and a hat and after sun in case the other 2 don’t do their job!

3. Pre-make

It’s a great idea to have your first meal ready for that first nights camping, whether you get to the campsite late because it took longer to pack the car than you thought, traffic on the M25 was a nightmare or the tent poles where missing when you got there and then you discover them in another bag and you then need to set up your tent in the dark (yes, we’ve been there!), an easy first night meal is always welcome. Some of our favourites are:

  • Chilli con carne (just add boil in the bag rice)
  • Spaghetti bolognaise (just add pasta)
  • Lamb stew or curry (great with chapati or nann)

If all else fails, we can always point you in the direction of the local fish and chip shop! And remember on weekends at Fallowfields we have catering vans on site!

4.Get to know the local area

There are lots of things to do on the campsite, but there are also lots of great places to explore. Check out our post on “Things to do nearby” for some top tips on good days out come rain or shine.

5. Sleep well

It might be the middle of summer but this is England!

Bring socks for bed and think about having to go to the toilet across the field in the morning, so flip flops, or wellies are good to have on hand.

Layers and extra blankets are great as it is better to be too warm than too cold and hot water bottles make for a cosy tent as the nights can get cool if the skies are clear and are easily pushed aside if we get a night of Mediterranean weather!

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