Camping @ Fallowfields Camping – Kent

Fallow Fields bookingsThere are so many reasons to go camping this Summer…

1.Star-gazing at Fallow Fields is just brilliant.  With very little light pollution and HUGE skies, it’s just the place to check out the cosmos.

2.Camping is a wonderful way to relax.  All that fresh air does you the power of good and it’s perfectly acceptable to go to bed at 9pm!

3.It’s the ideal time to renew your appreciation of mother nature.  We have truly wonderful countryside all around us.

4.Camping is incredibly sociable.  Why not get a group of you together and enjoy catching up around the fire?

5.Talking of fires, at Fallow Fields we think they’re an absolute MUST!  We have cooking grills you can use so start planning your marinades!

6.The great outdoors is brilliant exercise and you’re not even trying!  Why not stick a bike on your roof rack?  Our big open skies are as a result of the flat terrain.  Ideal for cycling.

7.It’s great value!  Not only is camping superb fun and a brilliant way to unwind, it’s also one of the most cost effective holidays you can have.

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